The Australian Working Holiday visa offers young travellers between the ages of 18-30 (you must apply before your 31st birthday) the opportunity to spend a year travelling around Australia, whilst supplementing their funds through temporary or casual work. It is a relatively easy visa to arrange and very well priced, which leads to its huge popularity with backpackers, students, or those looking for a holiday of a lifetime in the land Down Under.

To apply you must:

  • Hold a valid passport for your entire trip (If your passport is due to expire while you plan to be in Australia, it is advisable to apply for a new passport before you apply for this visa)
  • Be outside Australia when you apply and the visa is granted
  • Be aged between 18-30 years old when you apply and must apply before you turn 31 years old
  • Have no dependent children. A Tourist visa may be more suitable for these circumstances
  • Have no criminal convictions
  • Have not entered Australia on a Working Holiday visa 417 or Work and Holiday 462 visa before
  • Be entering Australia for a holiday, any work carried out should be to support yourself in funding your trip

Eligible passport nationalities.

Belgium Canada Cyprus (Republic) Denmark
Finland France Germany Ireland (Republic)
Italy Japan Malta Netherlands
Norway Sweden United Kingdom  

When entering Australia you might be asked to provide evidence of an onward ticket or sufficient funds to purchase one, as well as funds to support yourself for the first part of your stay.

What is permitted

  • Stay for 1 year maximum from the date of entry (as long as your passport is valid for the entire trip)
  • You can work with an employer for up to 6 months or study for a maximum of 4 months
  • Leave Australia and re-enter multiple times while the visa is valid

Important information

You may be required by Immigration to undertake a medical before your application can be assessed by the department. The medical may include x-rays and various tests. Any medicals will be at a charge to you and will delay the application process by many weeks. Most applicants will not require a medical, but certain factors such as type of employment (working with children, in healthcare facilities etc) and countries visited (high risk TB countries) may trigger a medical examination request by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship. If a medical is required before the application can be submitted, we will advise you prior to paying the non –refundable government fee

When entering Australia you might be asked to provide evidence of an onward ticket or sufficient funds to purchase one, as well as funds to support yourself for the first part of your stay. Generally, AUD5000 may be regarded as sufficient, but the amount may vary depending on your length of stay and the extent of your travel

Frequently asked questions

How long does my visa take to be granted?
The Working Holiday visa usually takes around 72 hours to be granted by Immigration, but timescales can vary. If medicals are required, then it may take many weeks before a decision can be made. We will contact you with a decision by email, so please check regularly.

How do I know that I have been granted my visa?
We will send you an email confirmation from Immigration detailing your visa. Your visa will be electronically attached to the passport you applied and are travelling with.

Can I study?
You will be permitted to study on your working holiday for a total of four months (17 weeks of actual study excluding holidays and orientation periods)

Can I have another Working Holiday visa if I have had one before?
To be granted a second Working Holiday visa you will need to have completed a minimum of 90 days harvest work in rural Australia during your first. If you hold a second Working Holiday visa, you may return to work for a further six months for an employer with whom you worked on your first.

How long can I stay in Australia on the Working Holiday visa?
Once the visa has been issued you have twelve months to enter into Australia. You are then permitted a stay of twelve months from your initial entry.

Do I need health insurance?
The Department of Immigration & Citizenship recommends all visitors to Australia take out appropriate health insurance. We can provide information on leading specialist Working Holiday insurance

Can I postpone my Working Holiday Visa?
There is no way to postpone the visa and the fee already paid is non refundable by DIAC. You would need to travel to Australia before the visa expiry, otherwise the visa will cease and you cannot apply again for this visa type. Instead you may wish to cancel your Working Holiday. Cancelling a working holiday visa means that you may apply for another Working Holiday visa in the future (subject to another visa application charge).

I do not want to activate my working holiday visa when I enter Australia
If you have been granted a working holiday visa and enter Australia, it will activate the visa regardless of whether you are only entering Australia as a transit passenger. If you do not want to activate your Working Holiday visa and you plan to transit through Australia or enter on an ETA, CTA or MCV, then consider cancelling your Working Holiday visa. Or look at other travel options that do not transit through Australia.

What are the FREE working holiday items I will receive?
+ FREE Bank Account
+ FREE Australia Vodafone SIM
+ FREE Working Holiday Guide
When your Working Holiday visa is granted we will send you the Department of Immigration & Citizenship confirmation by email. In addition you will receive a FREE Working Holiday guide, which contains details on how to activate your FREE bank account. Your FREE Australia Vodafone SIM * will be posted out to the home address on your visa application (* offer only eligible for UK and Ireland postal addresses).

The Working Holiday Guide is an invaluable source of information to help you arrange your trip to Australia and to take with you on your trip:

  • About Australia
  • About your Working Holiday Visa 417
  • Working Holiday Visa Confirmation
  • Getting your Tax File Number
  • Claim your Tax back
  • Finding a job
  • Opening your Bank Account
  • Flight deals to Australia
  • Flight deals within Australia
  • Working Holiday Travel Insurance
  • Hostels
  • Mobile phones in Australia
  • Getting around Oz
  • What to take to Australia
  • Important emails and numbers
  • Our top 5 not so obvious things to do