If you want to visit Australia for tourism or business purposes, then the temporary Visitor Visa (subclass 600) could be the solution.

Tourism may include seeing your family/friends or a holiday.
Business visitor activities may include attending a conference, meeting or an exploratory business visit.

Visit for Tourism:

  • You can visit your family/friends or a holiday/recreation
  • Stay in Australia for longer periods if authorised by the department. DIAC will advise how long you can stay and if you can make repeat visits on the Visa
  • Extend your stay in Australia if authorised by the department. If you apply outside of Australia, then you must be outside of Australia when the outcome is decided. If you are in Australia when applying, you must be in Australia when the outcome is decided (you may qualify for a Bridging visa that allows you to stay lawfully while your application is being reviewed)

Visit for Business

  • Undertake business activities, including but  not limited to: business enquiries, business contracts, official government visit, conference, meeting or seminar (unpaid)
  • On this temporary Visa, you CANNOT work or administer services to a company/organisation. Nor can you sell or provide services to the general public
  • A sponsor is not required
  • You must be outside Australia when you apply and when the visa is decided

In addition the Visitor Visa 600 has 2 other categories; the Sponsored Family and Approved Destination Status.
The Sponsored Family category is for applicants visiting family in Australia. Applicants require a sponsor who may need to provide a bond as part of the process. The Approved Destination category is for applicants from the People’s Republic of China. They must be travelling in an organised tour group and make their application outside of Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs involved?
You will be required to pay a Visa charge and the current charges are listed on DIAC’s website. Other costs may be incurred, such as medicals, police checks or other relevant tests/certificates if applicable

Do I need a medical?
Because you need to fulfil certain health requirements, you may be required a medical. The examination will vary depending on the country you were born in or currently reside in.

Do I need health insurance?
The Department of Immigration and Citizenship recommend taking out health insurance when visiting Australia, as you will be liable for all health costs incurred. Some countries may hold a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia.

I want to bring my wife and children on my visit to Australia; can they be included on my application?
Each family member must apply separately as you cannot be included on the same application

How do I know if the Visa has been granted?
The Department of Immigration & Citizenship will contact you either by email or letter if the Visa is approved. The confirmation will include the visa start date, visa grant number and visa conditions. If declined, you will be contacted by letter. The letter will explain the decline and appeal rights and timescales.

I have a debt to the Australian Government, can I still apply?
No, you would not be eligible to apply if you hold outstanding debts to the Australian Government, regardless of any arrangements to clear the outstanding amount.

My passport will expire when I plan to be in Australia, what do I do?
Because your Visa is attached to your passport and you must use this passport to travel to Australia; it is recommended that you apply for a new passport before you apply for the Visa.

How do I lodge my application?
Depending on your passport holding country you may be able to apply online. For the Tourist category you must complete ‘Form 1419 Application for a Visitor Visa – Tourist Stream’ available from The Department of immigration & Citizenship. You can also apply at the Immigration Offices outside of Australia, as well as the Immigration Offices in Australia. Full lists of these offices can be found on DIAC website. For the Business category you must complete ‘Form 1415 Application for a Visitor Visa – Business Visitor Stream’ available from The Department of immigration & Citizenship. This application must be made outside of Australia at one of the Immigration Offices.