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Terms and conditions for ETA visa applications
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Terms and Conditions for ETA Visa applications

Visas 4 Australia offers processing for ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) Visas; (976) Tourist Visa, (977) Business Short Visa and (956) Business Long Visa. ETA Visa’s are for legitimate short-term visits to Australia and not for persons wanting to work or live in Australia.

Visas 4 Australia provides processing for ETA Visas for applying clients, subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. You are confirming that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Supply of Service

Visas 4 Australia provides application forms for clients to apply for ETA Visas (976/977/956). Once you have completed the Visas 4 Australia application form, a Visas 4 Australia representative will process your Visa(s) request. Under ordinary circumstances the standard processing time is 3 business days (Business days are 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, excluding UK Bank Holidays).

All ETA applications processed by Visas 4 Australia are subject to authorisation by the Australian Government. If your ETA is granted by the Australian Government, we will send you confirmation by email from the contact details you have provided us. If you have entered any of this information wrongly (in part or full) Visas 4 Australia cannot accept liability.

Processing times

Visas 4 Australia aims to process your ETA Visa within 1-3 business days or sooner upon submission of the ETA application form. Under normal circumstances you will receive notification on the outcome of your application within 1-3 business days. (Business days are 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, excluding UK Bank Holidays).

However in some instances the processing will take in excess of 3 business days; this is because if any of the information on the ETA application has been inputted incorrectly Pure Australia will need to process the application manually.

There will be further delays to the processing of your application; if it is referred by the Australian Government or the applicant has criminal convictions.

Delays and referrals

Sometimes an ETA Visa application is referred by the Australian Government, to the Australian High Commission.

In this situation you should allow an additional 5 working day period of wait for referred ETA application. The Department of Immigration may require additional information from you. Visas 4 Australia will notify you by email if the Australian High Commission requires such information. If this information is requested you will likely be required to complete Form 48R. Visas 4 Australia will forward you the form; in which you must complete and fax directly to the Australian High Commission with a copy of your passport. Visas 4 Australia will notify you by email whether or not your ETA Visa(s) has been granted.

Referrals and Refusals

Visas 4 Australia only offers processing for ETA Visas and in the occurrence that your Visa application is referred or refused, Visas 4 Australia cannot offer advice on what to do/how to progress. If your Visa application is referred or you no longer wish to continue with the application or your application is refused, the cost of the ETA Visa is non refundable. The fee paid for the ETA Visa consists of processing the Visa only. Additional services or appeals are not included in the fee paid.

If after processing your application it is found that you already have a current valid visa, the cost of the ETA Visa service charge is non-refundable.

Refunds will only be issued at the discretion of the management.

Processing Fees

Visas 4 Australia offers processing for ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) Visas only:

The fee for processing the (Subclass 601) ETA Visa is £9.99 and is non-refundable.

Yourself and not Visas 4 Australia will be responsible for any extra fees, including but not limited to: medicals, chest X-rays, court documents, couriers, certified copies, police checks, passport renewals and charges relating to the changing of Travel Plans.

Visas 4 Australia strongly recommends you do not make irreversible travel arrangements until your Visa has been granted and you have received confirmation.

If an error by the client is made on the ETA application and where it is possible for Visas 4 Australia to make the alterations, there will be an additional processing fee of £8 for the ETA Visas.

If upon processing the client application, Visas 4 Australia establishes that you have an existing ETA, the fee you have paid is non-refundable to recover the use of our system resources. In this situation Visas 4 Australia will issue you with confirmation of your current ETA status.


Visitors to Australia must abide by the Visa validity and conditions while in Australia; penalties may apply or your Visa could be cancelled if you do not.

The holder must depart within the validity of the Visa:

You can stay for up to three months on each visit within the validity of the visa. ETAs are valid for 12 months from the date of grant, or for the life of the passport if the passport expires less than 12 months from the date the ETA was granted.

You must not have any criminal convictions.

You must be in good health and free from tuberculosis at the time of travel to, and entry into, Australia.

You are not permitted to work on the ETA Visa.

You can study in Australia on an ETA Visa as long as the course you undertake does not exceed more than 3 months in length (If your study is in a classroom environment for 4 weeks or greater, it may be requested that you pass a chest x-ray examination before beginning your studies- applicable to age 11 upwards).

Applicants must be outside Australia to apply.