ETA visa for short stay holidays and tourism visits.

If you intend to study in Australia for more than 4 months you will need to apply for a student Visa!

You must have applied and been accepted in an Australian College or institution to be eligible to apply. You will need to have proof of a valid confirmation of enrolment (COE) when submitting your application. Once you have paid your course fees in full your confirmation of enrolment will usually be issued by the Australian Institute you will be attending.

Your Australian host University will also recommend an Overseas Student Health policy for you to purchase. You will also need receipt of this before applying.

To apply for the Australian Student Visa you will need:

  • Passport.
  • An application form.
  • Your application fee.
  • Confirmation of Enrolment Form (see above)
  • letter of confirmation from your University or college confirming you are going to study abroad.
  • A receipt proving you have purchased overseas health insurance.
  • 2 passport photographs.

Working on an Australian Student Visa.

Once you have commenced your studies you can apply for a 'permission to work Visa'. There will be an additional charge for this visa. During term time there will be a restriction on the number of hours you can work (20 hours per week), the limit is removed outside of term time.

Student visa information on this website is an outline only. For a more thorough description please visit the Department of Immigration website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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