Whether you are backpacking around Australia on your Working Holiday Visa or have decided to immigrate to Australia, then you will need to find a job in Australia. For travellers this is a great way to make some cash, gain unique experiences, meet loads of friends and have some fun along the way. For migrants this will no doubt be a necessity to set up your new life in Australia.

There are generally two routes to take when looking for jobs in Australia; there is a shortage of skilled city jobs such as Tradespersons, Managers, Administrators and Professionals in Australia. Alternatively there are more rural jobs such as farming and fruit picking which are extremely popular with backpackers.

We have put together a few hints and tips for finding jobs in Australia:

  • Consider registering with recruitment agencies to arrange work before you travel to Australia.
  • Take several copies of an up to date CV and for skilled jobs in particular take proof of qualifications where applicable.
  • Always research any jobs before you travel to Australia; for example nurses in Australia are required to register their nursing qualifications by the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Council (ANMC) or the relevant nursing regulatory body in the state you are planning to work.
  • Take a mobile to Australia so you can leave your number with employers and agencies.
  • For diving/tour jobs in Australia, enquire in local shops, tour offices, hostels and on the harbours.
  • If you are looking for work in the outback such as cattle rustling and farming, then check out hostel notice boards, local papers and job magazines like TNT.

Tax File Number

Before you start working in Australia you must obtain an Australian tax file number for your employers. Obtaining your tax file number isnt a difficult task and its in your best interest, so you dont pay over the odds on your tax and instead pay the lower tax rate of 29%. Its best to arrange your tax file number before you travel to Australia, however if you do start work before arranging one, you have 28 days to attain the document.

There are 2 ways to obtain your tax file number; if you want to obtain it before you arrive in Australia then you can apply online, whereby the tax file registration system will compare the details held to those on your Working Holiday Visa.

Click here to apply online for your tax file number

Secondly, if you are already in Australia you need to go to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) located in all the big cities. You will be required to complete the relevant paperwork and produce current identification, such as passport or driving licence.

Bank Account

You need an Australian bank account for your employer to pay you (it's not possible for them to pay into your home country account). You will find that many employers won't hire you unless you have a bank account as cash isn't usually an option. Plus its safer for you not carry cash around or keep it in shared room you may find in hostels. In this day and age be street wise and don't be a target for thieves.

Fruit Picking

So many people are visiting Australia on a Working Holiday Visa to undertake specified work, including fruit picking. This way you can earn some extra pennies to fund your adventure in Oz whilst making friends and having fun. Fruit picking in Australia means you can move around and find fruit picking work along the way. Many travellers follow the harvests and a popular choice is banana picking on Australias east coast. It can be hard work and means early starts but the great outdoors is contagious and beats any office job!

Fruit picking jobs in Australia are easy to come by and you will often be given a job right there and then. Make sure you do some research before you go to Australia to find out which areas are suffering from draught, as you may struggle for fruit picking jobs. Fruit picking is a great way to experience real Australian life and make friends with the locals. Some farms even offer on-site accommodation or there are plenty of hostels in Australia to rest your weary eyes after a hard days graft.

Pay is dependent on where you are harvesting and the type of crop, sometimes for hourly rates are dependant on how many baskets/boxes you fill. With time you will become quicker, earning more money and if you have any other farming knowledge you will be a big hit. Check out the local papers, notice boards and hostels for job vacancies and enjoy your fruit picking in Australia.

Fruit Picking Jobs Australia is the ultimate resource to find a fruit picking job while down under. Find the latest jobs, fruit picking guides, location profiles, pickers stories, pay rate information an interactive forum and handy hints and tips to get you through the harvest season.

Nursing Jobs

Australia has an outstanding reputation for delivering high standards of medical care, so why not become part of this worldwide celebration and become a nurse in Australia. Nurses are in high demand and the opportunities are endless on your Working Holiday Visa. In most cities you will find large and smaller hospitals, aged care units and private hospitals across Australia. Your shifts and pay will vary dependant on which state you are in. As an example shifts are 7am 3pm, 1:30 pm 9:30 pm or 9pm 7:30 am and the pay can range from anything from $800 - $2400 dependant on qualifications and location.

To become a nurse in Australia you need to be in good health and you need to register your nursing qualifications by the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Council (ANMC) or the relevant nursing regulatory body in the state you are planning to work. It is certainly recommended to register in plenty of time ,as the process can be rather lengthy taking anything from 6 weeks up to 4 months and if you are not registered when you arrive, you will be unable to work. The ANMC website provides you with further information and will link you to the State and Territory nurse regulatory bodies.

If your training was undertaken outside of Australia and you took your undergraduate degree or nurse training in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Republic of South Africa, Netherlands and Canada, then you potentially are eligible for direct entry onto an Australian nursing board register. You would be required to pass a health examination, including a chest x-ray, when applying for your Working Holiday Visa to become a nurse in Australia.

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