ETA visa for short stay holidays and tourism visits.

There are many reasons why it’s such a great idea to move to Australia on a permanent basis; there are currently 150,000 jobs advertised every week, salaries are on the up due to a skilled worker shortage and Australia’s quality of living is constantly a cut above that of the UK and Ireland (Mercer).

The Australia Skilled Migrant visa allows shortages in the Australian workforce to be filled by highly skilled migrants, meaning you can immigrate to Australia without a job or sponsorship. Your eligibility for the Australia Skilled Migrant visa depends on several migration requirements.

Eligibility for Australia Skilled Migrant visa:

  • You are under the age of 45.
  • You satisfy the Basic Requirements which include age, qualifications, English language, character, health, skills, work experience and qualifications. (See below)
  • You must pass and get a minimum of 120 points on the Points Test. (See below)
  • Your chosen skilled occupation is selected from the Skilled Occupation List. (See below)
  • Within the 24 months immediately prior to your Australian visa application, you must have been employed for at least 1 year in a skilled occupation.

If granted an Australia Skilled Migrant visa, you will be able to live and work in Australia (5 year multiple entry visa). You only need to live in Australia for 2 of the 5 years to apply for the Australia Skilled Migrant visa to be reissued for a further 5 years. Another option is after 4 years looking into the eligibility for citizenship.

Basic Skilled Migration Eligibility Requirements and Points Test

When qualifying for the Australia Skilled Migrant visa you must score a minimum of120 points. Points are awarded on these criteria:

  • Age: Aged 45 years and under at application.
  • Specific work experience: Prior to your visa application, you are required to provide proof of paid employment in your skilled occupation. This must be for a period for a minimum period of 12 months out of the 18 months prior to your Visa application. Certain occupations will be requiring you to present proof of paid employment for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Australian qualification exemption: If you have obtained an Australian qualification within the 6 months prior to applying for your visa, then you are not required to meet the work experience requirement.
  • English Language: When working in Australia it is necessary for you to have satisfactory English language skills. Certain occupations require a higher level of English.
  • Nominated occupation: Using the Skilled Occupations List you must choose a skilled occupation, which is relevant to your own skills/qualifications. (See below)
  • Qualifications: The appropriate authority will need to complete a Skills Assessment in which Visas 4 Australia can arrange for you. You must hold post – secondary qualifications for example trade or university. (See below)
  • Health assessment
  • Partner skills
  • Australian work experience
  • Character assessment

If you have a capital investment in Australia, fluency in one of Australia’s community languages (excluding English) or Australia work experience, then you could be awarded extra points.

There are two recognised scores when applicants are being awarded points; the pass mark and the pool mark. If you score is above the pool mark but below the pass mark, then your details will be held in reserve for 2 years. During this time the pass mark could reduce and hence your score could then be accepted. If this does happen but your score is still below the new passing mark, your application will be denied.

Skilled Occupations List (SOL)

To apply for the Australia Skilled Migrant visa your chosen skilled occupation must be one of these 4 main categories:

  • Associate professionals
  • Managers and administrators
  • Professionals
  • Tradespersons

Skills Assessment

Visas 4 Australia can help you arrange your Skills Assessment. For the Australia Skilled Migrant visa you are required to have completed 900 hours of formal training so you can then be assessed by a recognised body such as City & Guilds. However in the near future, on-the-job experience is to be accepted as an alternative. Frequently

Frequently Asked Questions

What shall my employer include on my employment references?
It needs to be on the company letterhead and must include: Full company contact details including the telephone number for the person writing the letter, along with the name and position of the authorised staff member. The employment reference must include the period worked, position, main duties and salary (whether it was permanent, temporary, full or part timework). The reference is to be signed and stamped below the signature accompanied with a payslip.

Do I need to have a medical examination and if so when should this be done?
Yes you will need a medical examination and any secondary applicants (family members) will also require one for this visa type. All the medicals must be sent together and if a family member falls pregnant then you must delay the medical examinations for all family members until the child is born (we must be advised). Visas 4 Australia will contact you when it is time to undertake the medicals. If an applicant is 11 years old or above they will need an x-ray and if an applicant is 15 years plus, they need an additional blood test. The start date of your visa application will be the date the medical is taken, so do not submit them too early otherwise the time span to enter Australia will be reduced.

What are the nationality restrictions for this visa?
There are no restrictions – any nationality can apply for the Australia Skilled Migrant visa.

Can I apply while I am already in Australia?
Yes – offshore or onshore applications are accepted for the Australia Skilled Migrant visa.