For all European Union passport holders, there is a travel Visa available called the eVisitor Visa, which has been created to simplify the online visa application system.

The eVisitor Visa enables European Union passport holders to visit Australia for up to 3 months at any one time, within a 12 month period.

Note: The eVisitor Visa is not available on Visas 4 Australia due to technicalities in the processing system; however we can offer you an alternate visa which offers the same solution.

Why should I buy an ETA Visa from Visas 4 Australia opposed to an eVisitor Visa?

When you check- in at the airport for Australia, the last thing you need is to discover is that you have a mistake on your visa and you cannot board the plane. 1 in 5 of the applications we receive is incorrect; this can be anything from a misspelt surname, the wrong digit in the passport number, mistake on the date of birth etc.

The ETA Visa we offer is issued electronically and details of approved applicants are recorded on the Australian Governments database and linked to your passport. The ETA has replaced the traditional visa label in your passport.

As part of our service we will email you a copy of the ETA Visa as soon as it is granted, meaning you can check your passport details against the Visa, ensuring any mistakes can be rectified before you travel!

An eVisitor Visa is also linked to your passport electronically, however you are only issued with a transaction number. This means you cannot check for any mistakes and so may only discover an error at check- in causing missed flights. Even a rogue letter on the eVisitor Visa can cause problems at the airport and you would most likely need to reapply using an airport computer, taking from 2 hours for a replacement.

You can relax and enjoy your trip, with the knowledge that your application is correct with an ETA Visa from Visas 4 Australia.

The ETA Visa enables you to stay in Australia for up to 3 months on any single visit within a 12 month period. If you are visiting Australia for a holiday, to visit relatives, recreation or informal studies then this is a great choice for you.

Read more about the ETA Tourist Visa and apply online.